Get More Bakersfield Listings & Sell Them Faster Than Ever

Are you tired of other Bakersfield real estate agents getting seller's listings that could've been yours? Do you get frustrated with the weeks and months it takes to sell a property after the struggle you went through just to get it?

Like most agents, you're not alone in the struggle. The good news is we have the solution, and it revolves around effective marketing.

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Ask the greatest realtors in the industry what the most important aspect of their job is and the answer is almost always, "Effective marketing." Lucky for you that's our specialty. Here's how it works.

There are two main areas we focus our effective marketing strategies on: getting the listing and selling the listing.

Getting The Listing

Seller's are bombarded with agents looking to represent their sale. Therefore, you have to stand out from everyone else trying to win their business. Kern Marketing Ninjas has created a tried-and-true method for exactly this. We build you a property marketing plan, listing presentation webpage & unique web address, and even customized drone footage for the listing you're trying to win.

Imagine how this works. You meet with the seller, type their address into your web browser (eg. and what shows up? A beautiful webpage with stunning aeriel drone video of their home already on the page! If that isn't enough, you then hand them your marketing plan explaining how you're going to sell their home fast and at the best possible price.

Seller's demands are actually quite simple. They want someone to represent them who is serious, knowledgable, and motivated to sell. Using the above example, you'll show them you're the agent they want.

Selling The Listing

Once you get the listing you now have to sell it. Kern Marketing Ninjas provides almost a dozen services designed to do exactly that: help you sell. A lot of these services are standard in selling. However, the way we put them together on a case-by-case basis is what sets us apart from the competition.

Most companies will just try to offer you everything they can. We've found that a happy client is a good client, and who's going to be happy being sold a bunch of stuff they don't need? Not you. Not us. So each time you do business with us we assess the property in question, and only recommend services that will help you sell.

Ready to get started?

Our goal at Kern Marketing Ninjas is to help you succeed in real estate. Everything we do revolves around getting you more listings, selling them faster than ever, and growing your name and brand to the level you've always dreamed of.

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